Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Citiwide Chem-Dry cleans all types of fine domestic and imported area rugs. These rugs require special handling and treatment due to the complexities of the fibers and construction techniques. Improper cleaning can cause serious damage.

In our shop, our Oriental Specialist conducts a 10 point inspection and treatment process on your carpets including:

  • Inspection for color bleed and treatment with ColorLoc if dye is unstable
  • Black light inspected and treated if urine, blood, vomit and/or feces is present
  • Inspected for moth/beetle infestation and treated if required
  • Hand vacuumed and hand cleaned both sides
  • Sanitized with Microban
  • Cleaned with Chem-Dry neutral PH solution
  • Treated with carpet protection to extend time between cleanings
  • Treated for dustmite and other allergens w/ anti-allergen spray
  • Groomed as needed
  • Air-flo dried

In some cases we are also able to perform a general surface clean in your home. Ask the technician to examine your rugs to see if that is possible when he is out cleaning your wall to wall carpet, upholstery or draperies.

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What our customers say

My older cat left my carpets in bad shape. I was amazed at how the odors were removed by your process. I’ll use you in the future. Very pleased with the cleaning
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